A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

How does a dog feel when receiving orders from the shepherd and commanding the sheep? Experience it for yourself!

A Sheepdog's Arcade is a single player game and...the objective is clear....keep in mind be a Sheepdog! ....and control the sheep...

How to play:

  • Use the Cursor keys to face a direction.
  • Move slowly with X key.

For Mac Users:

In order to run the game, you should enable 'Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere'.
To do this, go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General.


A game made for Global Game Jam 2015 in Game Jam Barcelona 2015 (link)

David Collado @davidcollado

David Llanos @davidllanos22

Jordi Serra @turmixs


SheepdogArcade.exe 3 MB
SheepdogArcade.app.zip 3 MB

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